Trampoline Choice: We Make It Easy to Choose Your Next Trampoline

I can remember sitting outside at my friend’s house when I was young. Maybe 9 or 10. He had a trampoline in his backyard that took up the entire space. You literally couldn’t do anything but jump on that trampoline if you went outside.

We all thought it was pretty awesome.

My friend’s dad was the daredevil type. “Hey! Watch this!” he yelled. He was standing on the top of his roof. It was a 3-story home.

Then he jumped. I don’t remember how I felt, watching him dive through the air. When he bounced on the jump mat, it looked pretty awesome. He also had forward momentum with his jump, however, so he ended up jumping over the backyard fence and landed in the neighbor’s pool.

Easily one of the best belly flops in history.

That moment made me love trampolines forever for a variety of reasons. Now that I’ve got my own family of daredevils, the idea of purchasing a trampoline that can cause my kids to jump over the neighbor’s fence is horrifying. That’s why, when it was my turn to purchase a trampoline, I wanted one that had all the best safety features.

I wanted durability. I wanted a fair price. Trampoline Choice is the result of that research.

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Trampolines Come in All Shapes and Sizes

I love the outdoor trampolines, but I’ve grown to appreciate the benefits of an indoor trampoline as well. If my kids are super hyper after a long day at school, I can send them to the playroom and they can bounce around for a while and get that energy out. We invent games to play with those indoor trampolines.

It’s the perfect way to stay active on a rainy day too. I still hear complaints when I say, “Hey, it’s time to stop video games. Go play.” With an indoor trampoline, the complaints aren’t as loud.

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And if I’m completely honest, I probably sit around a little too much these days myself. I like a good video game. I’m addicted to great movies. I also sit around all day at my office, staring at a computer screen. As much as I might try, I can’t keep blaming the dryer for the fact that my clothes are shrinking.

Exercise trampolines are a fun way to get active without feeling like you’re active. As an extra benefit, your workouts don’t have to be as long to be just as effective as other forms of exercise. To be honest, my main challenge was finding a trampoline that could support my weight – which will remain confidential – but it’s enough to have my doctor talk about heart attacks every time I visit.

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Are You Ready to Get Everyone Up and Active Again?

I don’t jump off the roof like my friend’s dad did once upon a time, but I do get to be the cool dad in the neighborhood that has the kids over to jump around in his backyard. We’re all more active thanks to making a well-researched trampoline choice. It’s easily the best decision our family has made in a long time.

So, I thought I’d put together this little site to help everyone out. Maybe it will be beneficial. Maybe it won’t be. I don’t really know.

What I do know is that once you own a fantastic trampoline, you’ll fall in love with this fun activity. If you focus on safety and purchase a trampoline that works with your space instead of against it, the risks of an injury occurring are greatly reduced.

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Find your trampoline today. Enjoy it tomorrow. Have fun jumping. See you in the backyard.

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