7 Facts About Kids’ Trampolines You Need to Know

Kids and trampolines is a rite of passage for many families. Send the kids outside to bounce, make friends, and host neighborhood parties. At the same time, you get to have some peace and quiet.

Yet trampolines for kids may not always be the best combination. Here are some facts about kids’ trampolines that you’re going to want to know about.

1. It enhances motor skills. Jumping on a trampoline can enhance the motor skills of a child. It can also encourage better muscle development, reinforce joint strength, and improve bone stability. Toddlers should be kept on mini trampolines until the age of 6 and a trampoline should only be used by one person at a time to gain these benefits.

2. It is one of the most efficient forms of exercise. Just 10 minutes of being on a trampoline is as effective as 30 minutes of running on a treadmill. Kids are busier than ever these days with Scouting programs, sports, and other after-school activities. A few minutes on the trampoline can ensure they are able to stay fit.

3. It can improve behavioral issues. Negative behaviors in children are often due to stress or boredom. A trampoline can take care of both issues at once. The exercise helps to relieve the stress that may be bothering the child. Bouncing up and down is a good cure for boredom. The added oxygen in their bloodstream after the exercise can improve alertness and reduce anxiety. For children who deal with a lot of worries, any size of trampoline can bring a sense of inner calm.

4. It can improve their grades. Children who have higher grades also tend to have more control over their body movements. A trampoline requires full control of the body to be used safely. Although that may mean direct supervision of the child during the first uses of your new trampoline, it also means you could be starting a new journey toward greater academic success.

5. It can build self-confidence. Jumping on a trampoline is hard work. Kids know that if they go out of control, they could get hurt. Every time they can successfully use this equipment, their self-confidence may increase. It really is instantaneous gratification and the feeling of weightlessness in the air is one that is always thrilling.

6. It could boost the immune system. Exercise can stimulate lymphatic circulation. The movement of bouncing on a trampoline may also stimulate additional circulation qualities that other forms of exercise may not provide. That offers the chance for the immune system to strengthen, which can help to push toxins out of a child’s cells so they can feel healthier.

7. It can be dangerous. Toddlers and young children should be restricted to the best mini trampolines for kids to prevent health concerns. Adults using exercise trampolines need to be conscious of the weight tolerance of the product to ensure safe usage. The impact of a rebound, even for a healthy individual, could result in a joint injury. Trampolining is usually a safe activity, but care must be taken to lessen injury risks.

Trampolines are a great addition to an exercise routine or a backyard for play time. Keep these facts in mind as you shop for your new trampoline so that you can find the perfect addition for your family today.

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