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Hi there. I’m Gary. I’m a husband, father, PTA member, lousy golfer, church-going fellow who loves a nice afternoon on the trampoline.

Or at least watching my kids have a nice afternoon on a trampoline while I can sit back, have a cold drink, and relax a little bit.

Growing up, I loved trampolines. If one was around, I’d be there on it. Now that I’ve got 4 kids of my own, I want them to experience some of what I enjoyed when I was their age.

Finding the right trampoline, however, proved to be a more difficult shopping experience than I had imagined. With modern safety technology, different jump mat weaves, and a wide range of maximum weight tolerances (and that’s just the beginning of the madness!), the shopping process was a bit overwhelming.

So, what did I do? I began trying out trampolines. I let my kids jump on lots of trampolines. Then we put together our findings into this great site.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope we could help you find the perfect trampoline choice for your home and property.

– Gary Courson.

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