Affordable DIY Trampoline Party Ideas

When you own one of the best rectangle trampolines, you’ve got more than an afternoon of fun waiting for you when you get home. A trampoline is a neighborhood magnet, a natural gathering spot, and the perfect way to host a party for family, friends, and neighbors.

After the neighborhood kids stop using your trampoline, try having a fun evening with everyone using these affordable DIY trampoline party ideas.

1. Create your own movie theater. If your trampoline has a safety enclosure, you can cover it with a white sheet to create a screen that is perfect for a projector. It will even work on round trampolines, though rectangle trampolines are better for this. Then just point your projector at the screen and you’ve got an instant movie theater. You could play video games or watch the big game with this setup as well.

2. Turn it into an adult ball pit. Although you’ll want to stay aware of the weight tolerances for your trampoline, you could fill it up with plastic balls and create your own ball pit. For added fun, try hiding some prizes in your new ball pit for partygoers to find. Just make sure you put a time limit on each turn inside the trampoline so everyone can have a turn.

3. Make it a dance party. For just a few bucks, you can add some glow-in-the-dark nylon tape to your trampoline structure to create a festive atmosphere. If you have a black light, try putting on some neon tape to create a unique glow party that includes some bouncing. Add some music and lighting effects for a party the neighborhood won’t stop talking about for months to come.

4. Create your own wrestling party. Use this idea at your own discretion. Affix poles to the four corners of your rectangle trampoline. Then string ropes between the poles to create your own wrestling ring. Add mud, oil, or whatever else to add to the festivities. Just maybe wait until the kids go to bed to maximize the fun available with this DIY party idea.

5. Have a basketball tournament. Many trampolines come with a basketball hoop that can attach to the safety enclosure. Being mindful of the weight tolerance, schedule a 1v1 or 2v2 basketball tournament for your backyard. The prize doesn’t need to be anything grand either… maybe first dibs on what comes off the grill.

Or you could go total Slamball with your idea.

6. Go camping. Many trampolines are large enough that they can support the weight of a tent and at least a couple of sleepers. It’s easier to do this with in-ground trampolines, but with a little ingenuity, you can create a fun DIY sleepover. Just remember to tie down your tent posts to the trampoline posts so you don’t ruin your equipment.

You have plenty of fun available to you with the modern trampoline. Try one of these ideas or share your own so we can all have a great time with our trampolines this weekend!

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