Best Trampoline Brands: Reviews Of Our Favorite Manufacturers

Trampolines can provide hours of backyard fun. They can be an integral part of an exercise routine. You can find big ones, small ones, square ones, and even springless ones.

Trampolines are also quite the investment. A top-of-the-line exercise rebounder can easily cost around $600, which happens to be the same price as a 17-foot backyard rectangle trampoline that can be permanently installed.

Even if you purchase an entry-level backyard trampoline, there’s a good chance that you’ll be spending at least a couple hundred dollars.

That means your investment must have certain guarantees. The trampoline, above anything else, must be safe to use. It should be durable. It should also be fun to use. The best trampoline brands have recognized these facts and created several excellent models from which to choose.

In a perfect world, you’d compare similar models from different trampoline brands and choose the one with the best features to meet your needs. In the real world, you just don’t have enough time to compare every similar trampoline from every brand.

To make the shopping process easier to get through, we’ve provided an overview of today’s best trampoline brands. You can rest assured that you’re purchasing a high-quality product that follows today’s manufacturing best practices when you choose one of these brands.


One of the most common injuries that occur on a trampoline involves the support springs that attach the jumping surface to the frame. The coils can pinch. Legs and arms can get stuck between the coils as well. The trampolines with this brand eliminate that threat because of its unique design.

The frame of the jumping surface is underneath you, so you never come into contact with it. Instead of coils, a system of support rods helps to provide a nice rebounding experience. Founded by Dr. Keith Alexander, more than a decade of research went into this trampoline brand’s final design.

If safety is your #1 priority, then this is the best trampoline brand for you.


Safety is a top priority for this trampoline brand as well. Founded by the Publicover family after an incident in their backyard that involved an injury, this brand was the first to innovate the design of a trampoline so it included an enclosure. If you’re purchasing a trampoline for your kids to use in the backyard, this brand has numerous models that will serve your needs.

Further safety innovations that began with this brand include an improved rebounding surface and impact-resistant padding.


If you like the idea of a traditional trampoline, but don’t like the risk of injuries that could occur, then the safety design of this brand could be right for you. They have created an enclosure system that eliminates the gaps between the coils where limbs can get caught.

The frames with this brand are reinforced as well, which prevents them from twisting or bending with repetitive rebounds.

Their trampolines come in a variety of shapes, have high weight tolerance limits, and a secure safety enclosure that helps to prevent injuries.

Upper Bounce

If you’re looking for an affordable trampoline with basic features, this trampoline brand does an excellent job of meeting those needs. The brand is owned by King Service Holding Inc, based out of New York, and they also own brands which sell everything from portable greenhouses to playground equipment. The trademark for the brand was first used in 2010.


Pure Fun

This is another entry-level trampoline brand that provides a wide range of shapes and sizes that are suitable for the entire family. It’s a subsidiary of Pure Global Brands Inc., which is based out of Texas. Their goal is to produce “simply good products” that can be used “for real life.” It was founded in 2008 and is your best trampoline brand if you’re looking for something that can be safe for younger children to use.


This is an excellent brand to choose if you’re looking for complete trampoline safety features, but your budget is tight. Virtually all of their models offer safety padding, enclosures, and other features that are designed to proactively prevent injuries or accidents. Many of their trampoline models are priced around 50% less than some of the other top trampoline brands. Operated through NewAcme LLC, founded in 2011, this company is based in Oregon and ships their trampolines from Texas.

The best trampoline brands will help you find a high-quality product at a price you’re going to like. Read the best trampoline reviews today to find the features you need and you’ll be able to find plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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