Best Rebounders For Exercise: The Top 10 Workout Trampolines

Best Rebounders For Exercise

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that will provide you with immediate results, then a rebounder must be an option that is considered. Just 10 minutes of working out on a rebounder is equal to running 30 minutes on a treadmill from an aerobic standpoint.

Rebounders provide one of the most effective and efficient forms of exercise for toning and strength building without putting added pressure on the joints in the lower body. For those who are serious about staying in shape or meeting their fitness goals, an exercise rebounder could be the best investment you make this year.

PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice
Bounce and Burn II Mini Fitness Trampoline 4.940 Inches $$
Upper Bounce Rebounder Fitness Trampoline 4.944 Inches $
Leaps and Bounds Fitness Trampoline 4.748 Inches $$$
Gold's Gym Leisure Outdoor Sports and Fitness Trampoline 4.936 Inches $
Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 220 4.639 Inches $$$$
Fit Bounce Pro II Fitness Trampoline 4.840 Inches $$$$
Maximus Pro Quarter Folding Workout Trampoline 4.340 Inches $$$
Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 570 Pro 4.844 Inches $$$$$+
Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness Trampoline 4.348 Inches $
Ancheer Portable Mini Rebounder Trampoline w/ Handrail 4.936 Inches $
PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice

The Best Exercise Rebounders Reviews

1. Upper Bounce

This entry-level rebounder has some nice positives, but some concerns as well. The bounce is a bit harder than one might expect. You’ll feel it in the knee and hip after a workout. The 8 legs on the frame are super sturdy and having the handle bar, which is padded, helps with body placement. The handrail has 5 locking positions so almost everyone can use the trampoline. It also folds up to have a minimal storage footprint. Available in 40-inch and 48-inch models, it can get the job done, but is closer to a mini trampoline than a true rebounder in many ways.

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2. JumpSport 220

There is a lot to love about this little trampoline. It’s incredibly durable for starters, with the 30 cords providing a smooth impact surface and a consistent bounce. There’s a safety skirt which covers the cords and prevents injuries. The 6 feet have rubber caps on them that prevent marking and other forms of floor damage. It’s the size of the jump mat that is most concerning here. The frame diameter is 39 inches, but you have just 882 square inches of jump mat surface to use. This model is probably more for someone experienced with trampolining than a beginner.

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3. Fit Bounce Pro II

We felt that this rebounder was the best pound-for-pound value in the category. At 40 inches in diameter, it provided the quietest workout of any other trampoline. That includes the premium models in this category. You receive a DVD and an online video membership, but we liked the storage bag that comes with the trampoline so you can take it with you to a workout class. A handle bar can be attached to the frame as well. It also supports heavier weights than most rebounders: up to 300 pounds.

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4. Bounce and Burn II

If you’re ready to try rebounding as an exercise, but you don’t want to make a full investment yet, give this model a try. It has the look and feel of a premium rebounder, but with a budget-friendly price. It’s also one of the few that requires no assembly. Just take the rebounder out of the box, unfold the frame, and you’re ready to have a workout. Bungees would be better than springs, so it’s a bit noisy. There is virtually no padding above the springs either. In terms of stability and performance, however, this trampoline goes beyond its price point in several areas. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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5. Leaps and ReBounds

First impressions matter and this trampoline kind of made us go, “Wait… what?” It’s surprisingly tall for a rebounder and it is made with carbon steel frame. It’s lighter than most rebounders as well. There is a lot of stretch to the jump mat, however, and that makes the workout extremely effective. Just 5 minutes on this model feels like 20 minutes on others. Easily the best workout result we were able to achieve. One word of caution: the bungees are latex and not coated, so those with an allergy will need to avoid.

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6. Maximus Pro

This little rebounder offers a surprising amount of value. It’s easy to see why it is a consistent top-seller. The components are reinforced, providing a max weight tolerance of 300 pounds. The jump mat offers plenty of space. You can attach a stability bar to the frame and there are exercise band connections that can be used. It even folds up for storage. It does tend to make some noise, more so than most other rebounders, but it is also easy to use and assemble. Not a bad option for beginners and intermediates.

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7. JumpSport 570

The nicest feature of this exercise rebounder is that you can adjust the bungees to add or subtract jump mat resistance. That makes it possible to customize the impact of your workout so you don’t feel it in your joints at all. The manufacturers states that the padded petals which cover the cords increase your jumping space, but we would disagree with that assessment. There is a notable difference between the jump mat and the outer section. The assembly was fast and uneventful and we felt better after a workout with this model than with any other option in this category.

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8. Upper Bounce 44-Inch

It is marketed as a mini rebounder for exercise, but we found it to be more suited for a kid’s exercise routine rather than for adult use. It is strong enough for those who work out maybe 3-4 times per week. It supports up to 220 pounds as well. There just isn’t a strong rebound effect that is achieved with this model. If you’re close to the weight limit, there is a fear that you could bottom out on the trampoline. It was easy to assemble and quite affordable, so it’s a great option if you’re just exploring the idea of rebounding or you want to get the kids working out with you.

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9. Gold’s Gym

We’d take the “leisure” component of this exercise rebounder seriously. In theory, it could provide a light workout for someone new to this type of workout regimen. In reality, it’s more of a toy that the kids will enjoy more than you. It’s actually priced better than some of the kid’s mini trampolines, so it does have that going for it. There’s no printing on the mat that can be slippery either, which is a definite bonus. If you’re anything beyond a beginner, however, you’ll find that there just isn’t enough resistance or space with this trampoline model.

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10. Ancheer Portable

This rebounder is another option that is good for a kid’s workout, but has adult limitations. For starters, the weight limit is just 155 pounds. It’s also small for a rebounder, providing a 24-inch diameter for jumping space. The support handle is low to the ground as well, designed more for an active kid than most active adults. If you’ve got a kiddo who needs to burn off some energy, give this model a go. If you’re looking to lose weight or get fit, you’ll need to look at stronger options.

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The best rebounders for trampoline exercise provide an effective workout that will help you stride toward your fitness goals. Make the investment today into yourself and be proud of who you are, no matter what shape you feel like you’re in right now.

What Rebounders Are the Best?

Exercise rebounders are a lot like the best mini trampolines for kids, but they are built to withstand the weight of an adult. The jump mat tends to provide a good bounce effect that promotes balance and speed without sagging, especially with the premium models in this category.

Here are the top-rated exercise rebounders that can support your workout routine today.

What Size of Exercise Rebounder Do I Need?

womans foot wearing pink shoes

The reason why mini trampolines and exercise rebounders are routinely confused for each other is that they look remarkably the same. Both options are usually indoor-only and are designed for one person to use them.

Exercise rebounders tend to be a little larger than mini trampolines. You’ll find a range of 38-50 inch diameters in this category, though the jump mat is often smaller since the size uses a frame-to-frame measurement. For most models, take 12 inches off the frame-to-frame measurement and you’ll have a sense of the jump mat space available to you.

On a 50-inch exercise rebounder, you’ll have a jumping surface diameter of about 38 inches. On a 38-inch exercise rebounder, you’ll have a jumping surface diameter of about 26 inches.

Size isn’t irrelevant in this category, but the size of the rebounder will not affect the quality of your workout. A 38-inch rebounder works just as well as a 50-inch rebounder.

If you plan to travel with your new trampoline, then a smaller size makes more sense. Larger sizes are good for home-based workouts.

People who are taller and heavier may wish to look at a larger trampoline for better weight resistance ratings or a better bounce effect rating to avoid bottoming out.

Are Bungee Cords or Springs Better for an Exercise Rebounder?

Standing man wearing blue pants

There are two primary jump mat supports that you’ll find in this trampoline category: bungees and springs. Both provide a consistent level of resistance, but bungee cords do provide a better bounce for working out. Bungees are also superior in terms of safety. If you accidentally land on a bungee cord, the threat of pinching or limb entrapment is extremely minimal.

Springs do have some advantages as well. They tend to be cheaper than bungee models. Although they are louder and require additional maintenance, they are also easier to replace. There are fewer springs than bungees as well, so your overall maintenance costs are about the same between the two models.

Both types of rebounders can come with a number of optional features. The most important feature is to have an impact mat that can be placed over your springs or bungees. Some models will only wrap these attachments, which can be quite painful if you happen to land on a spring. Wrapping can also get twisted up into the bungees with the right impact.

Additional features included attachment points for various exercise additions, such as resistance bands. Some models have removable legs that make it easier to transport the trampoline to a new location. Support bars can be attached to the frame of certain models as well.

The best trampoline reviews for this category will also cover the customer service experience with each brand and model and any specific needs it may satisfy. Some models work well with ankle weights, for example, while others provide better stability with 6 legs on the frame instead of just 4.

Exercise Rebounders and DVDs: What You Need to Know

woman jumpingAs a way to enhance the value of an exercise rebounder, several manufacturers have included DVDs that offer workouts that are based on trampoline movements. These workouts come with a “Buyer Beware” caveat.

Most DVD workout programs are designed for beginners, but the movements on the DVD that involve the rebounder can be quite advanced. Twisting movements on a trampoline are especially dangerous to the knee. If you do use the workout DVD, take things slow. Get used to the movements that are being instructed.

Many DVD programs tend to emphasize the physical appearance of the instructors over the fitness benefits as well. Objectification is a serious issue throughout the entire DVD industry. You may find that a local class which allows you to bring your new exercise rebounder may be a better solution than the included workout DVD.

On the other hand, some people are highly motivated by what they see on a DVD workout. If you prefer to work out on your own and need to stick to a tight schedule, then there are many benefits to using the included programs with an exercise rebounder.

Just pay attention to the intensity of the workout before getting started. If you’re just starting to get into shape, a high-intensity rebounder program isn’t the right option. For those who are in good shape, a low-intensity program may not be challenging enough.

Before starting any new exercise program, it should be reviewed by your doctor, a  nurse practitioner, or a medical professional.

Common Problems with Exercise Rebounders and How to Solve Them

beautiful woman working out

Because a premium exercise rebounder can be a tremendous investment, it is important to find the best possible product with the right features to meet your needs. Even with careful research, however, it is possible to encounter some common problems with this type of trampoline. Here are the most common complaints about rebounders and how you can solve them without needing to return the product.

1. Different Bounce Resistance.

On cheaper exercise rebounders, you may find that there is a different type of bounce effect on the edge of the trampoline compared to the middle of it. The difference can be enough to roll an ankle. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a fix to this problem except: A) buy a model with a consistent jump mat; or B) always hit the center of the trampoline.

2. Allergic Reactions.

If you struggle with allergies around rubber, latex, or plastic, then you’ll likely experience symptoms with many exercise rebounders. Look for models that have hypo-allergenic components if you happen to be product-sensitive.

3. It Wears Out Prematurely.

A good exercise rebounder should last a minimum of 3-5 years. If you weigh more than the maximum weight tolerance, however, you may find your trampoline begins to show wear-and-tear in 12-24 months instead. Look for models that support your current weight, not your future weight, for best results. That way you get the right strength in your coils, springs, or bungees so you don’t have to replace them immediately.

4. It Makes Noise.

Trampolines are not designed to be quiet. Over time, however, a frame can begin to squeak with every contact and that can become very annoying. Use a little oil or WD-40 and that will eliminate many of the frame noises that develop over time. Some springs may need to be oiled too.

5. It Makes Marks on the Floor.

Many exercise rebounders have rubber tips on the bottom of the legs to protect your flooring. If you exercise on a hardwood floor, you might find those tips making dark scuff marks that can be difficult to buff out. Instead of putting the trampoline directly onto a hardwood floor, look for a rug or mat that you can lay down on your floor instead. Rugs that grip the floor will still provide a stable surface for your workout routine and protect your floor at the same time.

Cost to Expect with the Best Rebounds for Trampoline Exercise

Rebounders should be treated as exercise equipment. They aren’t toys. That means you’ll find that the best options in this category are going to be somewhat pricey. Entry-level models may cost less than $100, but they can wear out quickly and provide an inconsistent workout.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, premium rebounders can cost more than $600.

You’re going to get what you pay for in this category. Consistency is the key to unlocking the aerobic potential of this type of exercise. You’ll want to invest as much as you can into your new trampoline today.

Cheaper models may get the job done today, but if you span the costs out over 3-5 years, you’ll end up paying less for a premium rebounder today when compared to the costs of fixing and replacing cheaper models over the same time.

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