Best Rectangle Trampoline Reviews: The Top 10 To Buy

Best Rectangle Trampoline Reviews

If you have a lot of space in your backyard, then a rectangle trampoline is a great investment. You’ll have a place where you and the kids can safely bounce the day away. Rectangle trampolines can also bring the neighborhood to your backyard for parties and get-togethers with friends.

How can you choose the best rectangle trampoline for your space? Here are the key points that you’ll want to consider.

PictureNameOur RatingWidthPrice
Skywaker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure 4.115 Feet $$$$
JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline 4.514 Feet $$$$
Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Spring Pad 4.114 Feet $$$
Summit Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure 4.814 Feet $$$$
Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Jumping Mat 4.813 Feet $
Jump Power In-Ground Rectangular Trampoline 4.810 Feet $$$
Skywalker Square Trampoline with Enclosure 4.115 Feet $$$$$
Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Rectangular Trampoline 3.915 Feet $$$$$
Jump Power Rectangle Kids Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline 3.86 Feet $$
Skywalker Square Trampoline 3.714 Feet $$$
PictureNameOur RatingWidthPrice

Best Rectangle Trampolines Reviews

1. Skywalker 15-Foot

We appreciated the reinforced T-sockets that are part of the galvanized frame on this trampoline the most. This provides a stabilized experience for the upper enclosure so you don’t have the netting bending downward as you start to jump. Button-hole connections keep the enclosure nicely secured as well. The netting and jump mat have included UV protections and the protective foam is 1-inch thick to absorb impacts. We felt the frame was generally supportive, but which there were some supports in the exact middle of the trampoline. Overall, we felt this model is a solid investment option.

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2. JumpKing 14-Foot

This trampoline features a similar design that other manufacturers provide, but what is notable is the enclosure placement. The netting is inside the springs of this trampoline, so impacting them while jumping is virtually impossible to do. Just in case it does happen, however, there is padding included to reduce the risk of an injury. We also liked the slight inversion of the U-frame, which makes it not quite a W-frame, but more stable than a standard design.

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3. Skywalker 14-Foot

This model offers a similar experience to their 15-foot model, but we did notice there was a bit of added tightness to the jump mat with this model. That provided a better bounce effect and more consistency with air placement. The netting is inside the 84 steel springs and this product is rated to meet or exceed current ASTM safety standards. 80 7-inch springs and another 4 5.5-inch springs work together to create one of the best bounce effects in this category. We’re just not big fans of the gold color coating on the springs as it tends to hide the beginning stages of corrosion.

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4. Summit 14-Foot

From a pure stabilization standpoint, this rectangular trampoline was one of the best. You receive consistent jumping over the entirety of the jump mat. It also meets or exceeds current ASTM standards. Our primary concern with this model is the maximum weight limit, which is just 200 pounds. That makes this trampoline be more of a product for children, though the recommended earliest age for use by the manufacturer is 8 years old. We did like the rubber feet on the frame and the UV protections included. It may not work for every household, but if you can get by the limitations, it’s a good trampoline to own.

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5. Upper Bounce 13-Foot

If you’re a DIY expert and are thinking about building your own trampoline, then this jumping mat is a solid option to consider. It will also work with any trampoline frame size that is 13 feet by 13 feet square as a replacement. We liked the 8-row stitching that is included with the mat, which provides enough breathability for an in-ground installation, but consistency in the jumping experience. The logo in the center is a bit slippery at first, so user beware on the first few jumps.

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6. Jump Power 10-Foot

This rectangular trampoline is for in-ground installations only. It’s smaller than most in this category as well, so it is a good option for single users only. We appreciated the consistency of the jumps that can be achieved, though a proper installation is necessary to maximize the fun potential of this model. The 16-gauge, 1.75-inch galvanized steel frame is surprisingly strong and the flexibility of the jump mat helps to cushion impacts on the lower body. If you don’t mind the added work for the installation, we think you’ll love what this trampoline provides.

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7. Skywalker 15-Foot Square

It’s technically not a rectangle, but you’ll find the best corner-to-corner jumping on this particular model and so it deserves to be included. All the benefits that come with a Skywalker trampoline are with this unit. One note of caution. The framing cuts off the corners, so two children on one side of the trampoline can make it slightly unstable. You’ll want to anchor this frame before using it. Otherwise, the 2.4-inch diameter galvanized steel frame is ready to help you create crazy jumps. It also has an increased max weight limit, at 250 pounds.

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8. Upper Bounce

If you’re looking for a rectangular trampoline that adults can use, then this is your best option. Although the unit itself weighs just 140 pounds, it can support a total weight capacity of 500 pounds. It has U-shaped legs, not W-shaped as advertised, but the stability is beyond question. It also features a no-gap enclosure and a curvature at the top of the netting that avoids over-jumping injuries that can sometimes happen. All in all, we felt like this trampoline is one of the best value purchases available in this category.

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9. Jump Power 72-Inch

If you’ve got little ones that like to jump around, then this smaller indoor/outdoor version of a rectangular trampoline is a good choice. It offers a heavy-duty spring safety pad and the jump mat has reinforced stitching. The frame is a zinc-coated galvanized steel and the frame is tested to 500 pounds, though it’s really too small for adults to use. Framing is only on two sides, but for young children, it works just fine. The earliest recommended age from the manufacturer is 3 for this model, but we’d suggest it works better somewhere near 6 and up.

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10. Skywalker 14-Foot Square

With a weight limit of 250 pounds, we do like the design of this trampoline as it works to eliminate most of the gaps that can cause a potential injury. The welding of the frame was the best work we saw in this category, which limited the movement felt when jumping. All other Skywalker features on other models are included with this trampoline as well. We had a little trouble with the installation as the poles for the netting didn’t quite line up with the rings for the safety padding, but it made us happy and think you’ll be happy using it too.

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The best rectangle trampolines will give your backyard a sturdy and consistent jumping experience all year long. Find the model which works best for the needs of your yard and family and then enjoy some good old-fashioned fun.

Which Rectangle Models Are the Best?

Consistency is the #1 attribute you’ll want to look for when shopping for a rectangle trampoline. A trampoline should work as well during your first year of ownership as it does on Year 5 when it is inspected and maintained regularly. These are the best models that make the grade in this category.

What Size Is the Best Option for Me?

Metal spring

When shopping for the best rectangle trampolines, you’ll find that there are numerous size options available to you. There are even some square trampolines that fit into this category that are worth thinking about.

The smallest trampolines tend to have a length of about 7 feet. The largest trampolines may have a total width of 17 feet. Square trampolines tend to top out at 14 feet.

Your first consideration must be the size of your yard. If you have 20 feet of space, a 17-foot trampoline isn’t going to give you the room you need. Take your space measurement and then shop for a trampoline that would take up 50% of that space at maximum. In this example, a 10-foot trampoline would be a better option.

That means you’ll need at least 34 feet of clearance in your backyard for a 17-foot rectangular trampoline.

Then take the size of your family into consideration. If it’s just you and your significant other, a 7-foot rectangular trampoline will offer plenty of fun. Smaller children in your family will need to use a smaller trampoline as well.

Children under the age of 6 should not be using an outdoor rectangular trampoline because of the threat of injury to their growth plates.

If you have a larger family, then a 10-foot trampoline is the smallest one you’ll want to own. If teenagers are part of the mix, then a 14-foot trampoline is a good option. That way you’ll have enough space to perform tricks, play games, and have a good time when friends come over.

For those who plan to host regular parties and get-togethers with their new trampoline, a 17-foot model is the best option.

Keep in mind that trampolines are measured from the frame instead of the jumping surface.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Rectangle Trampoline?

  • They provide users with the most even bounce effect over the length of the jump mat.
  • Athletes prefer using rectangular trampolines because of the consistency of the bounce effect.
  • The rectangle shape maximizes the yard space found in the typical backyard. Most urban and suburban property plots of rectangular in size, as are the shape of many backyards.
  • The framing on a rectangular trampoline is usually sturdier than other shapes, styles, or sizes of trampoline.
  • You get the largest amount of square footage for jumping without compromising on available safety features.

Kid jumping on the grass

When shopping for the best rectangle trampolines, you’ll want to pay special attention to the frame of your preferred model. The frame must be able to support your activities while being resistant to your local weather elements.

At the bare minimum, your trampoline should offer a frame that is made from a powder-coated or galvanized steel. This composition provides the frame with a needed level of corrosion resistance.

Larger trampolines need to have a thicker gauge of steel and a larger diameter to support a higher weight tolerance. Be leery of trampolines in this category that offer heavy weight tolerance maximums, but a minimum metal gauge and diameter.

Safety Features to Expect with Rectangle Trampolines

kid playing on the backyard

Almost every rectangle trampoline will come with a spring pad. These pads are designed to cover the springs that hold the jump mat to the frame of the trampoline. You’ll find a variety of colors is available, though the standard color tends to be blue. Standard spring pads can provide basic protection against injury.

For a better experience, look for spring pads that are thicker and offer ultraviolet resistance. Those features will extend the life of the pad while providing an enhanced level of jumper protection.

Look for these additional safety features in this category as well.

  • Safety Enclosures.

    If you have children using your new trampoline, then this safety feature is a must-have item. These nets can be attached using threaded ropes, clips, or a button-hole system. Look for manufacturers that offer a no-gap system to eliminate entrapment injuries that may occur. Springs should be outside the enclosure for best results.

  • Permanent Installation.

    Some rectangle trampolines can be permanently installed with concrete in the backyard. Be sure to review the owner’s guide or the best trampoline reviews to ensure the frame meets the quality standards necessary for such an installation. You’ll still want to strap down the jump mat to prevent damage to the model.

  • Flexible Netting.

    Many rectangle trampolines use a system of steel rods with netting to funnel jumpers back toward the middle of the unit. Look for flexible rods to catch jumpers for the best possible solution.

Even the best safety features cannot perform their function if jumpers are not using the trampoline correctly. Always follow the recommendations of the manufacturers and only have one person jump at a time to lessen the risk of an injury occurring.

Cost to Expect with the Best Rectangle Trampolines

Rectangle trampolines are a good value purchase. You’ll find several models available in the $300 price range with a variety of sizing options. Safety features are included at this price as well.

If you go with a cheaper model, you may receive a smaller trampoline with fewer safety features. Models that are more expensive offer a larger size, alternative frame types, and patented technologies that are unique to the manufacturer.

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