Fun Exercises for Children on a Trampoline

Put a child on one of the best mini trampolines for kids and the simple act of jumping up and down can provide a lot of exercise. For children who would rather park themselves in front of a tablet rather than hunt down bugs outside, a trampoline can be a good option to get up and get moving.

Young children should only use mini trampolines. Older children can use outdoor trampolines, provided they are supervised and using it by themselves.

At first, the act of jumping is a fun enough exercise. As a child becomes proficient at jumping, you’ll find them begin to hop on one leg or begin to do flips and twists. Here are some additional exercises that can be added at your discretion.

Please note: your doctor should be aware of your child’s trampoline exercises. Some children may have health issues that could be worsened by these exercises. Always consult a medical professional before beginning any new exercise program.

1. The Bounce Kick

Once bouncing up and down becomes “boring,” try adding more moves into that action. One of the easiest and safest to add is a kicking motion. Have your child extend one leg in the air like a kick, but don’t encourage an actual kick. The leg must be able to return back to a landing position for the exercise to be performed safely.

Then extend the other leg on the next bounce. Repeat for as many times as desired.

2. Jumping Jacks

Talk about the perfect exercise for the trampoline. Jumping Jacks can be a lot higher and put the child into a natural landing position with each movement. If the child can jump high enough, try having them complete the entire movement during the jump, with the legs moving into the “X” position and then straight back down once again.

3. Push-Ups

On a standard push-up, your body resistance goes into building strength into the shoulders, chest, and arms. When you perform a push-up on a trampoline, you can actually push yourself up into the air. Then use your arms to control the rebound movement to gain strength instead. Make sure your child is in a proper push-up position for this exercise, with a straight back, toes or knees firmly planted, and elbows unlocked.

4. Planking

It may have turned into an exercise from its original viral fad, but planking on a trampoline can be a devastatingly beneficial exercise for kids (and adults) when it comes to strengthening the core. Just assume a proper planking position and maintain it for as long as possible.

The rowboat position is an alternative to use if a planking position is uncomfortable. Have the child lie on their back. Then have them raise their legs and their chest, attempting to reach the toes without grasping them. Hold that position for as long as possible.

Bouncing safely is an incredibly effective exercise on a trampoline. Add these options and you might just pry those kiddos away from the video games to have some fun while being more active.

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