How Much Should I Spend on an Exercise Trampoline?

Just 10 minutes of exercise on a trampoline can be the equivalent of 30 minutes on a treadmill. Trampoline exercises are one of the most effective and efficient forms of working out that we currently know.

In this category, you’ll find trampolines that cost $60 and trampolines that cost $600. Is there really a big difference in the quality of an entry-level exercise rebounder trampoline compared to a premium model?

Why Do Some Exercise Trampolines Cost So Much?

When choosing a proper rebounder, what you want to focus upon is consistency. It’s true that you can purchase a cheap trampoline for exercise at a discount store, but you’re going to get what you pay for with that type of model. You won’t receive the same level of resistance consistency over a long period.

It’s the same logic that says, “I’d rather pay $20 for a coffee maker instead of $200 on an espresso machine that can also brew coffee.” The cheap coffee maker can give you a caffeine boost for sure. The espresso machine will give you a smoother and more refined experience that focuses on flavor.

Once you invest in more expensive equipment, you can tell that there’s a world of difference between the cheaper, entry-level products and the premium, high-end products. That is the way it is with an exercise trampoline.

Except that instead of your alertness being at stake, the quality of your workout is at stake here.

Why Are Premium Exercise Trampolines Worth the Price?

The bottom line is this: premium exercise trampolines are softer on your joints and reduce the amount of shock you feel in your feet, knees, and hips.

The springs tend to be a little tighter on premium models as well, making it feel like the trampoline is doing most of the work for you. Instead of forcing yourself to get lots of air on the rebound, the equipment naturally supports the movement you’ve already made to give you the air that is needed.

Now you can get a similar experience with mid-range trampolines in this category. For around $300, you can find a good exercise rebounder with a solid workout program that will help you to focus on your fitness. It won’t feel like you’re jumping onto a cloud, but it will still feel better than jumping onto what can feel like a flexible floor of bricks, which is the experience of some of the cheapest models.

Many of the smaller mini trampolines that are cheaper are designed more for recreational use as well, which means it’s a solid option if there are kids in the home. You don’t want them ruining your new $600 exercise rebounder! Cheaper models can also be outdoor/indoor models, while the premium options are almost always indoor-only.

If you’re wondering how much to spend on a rebounder, invest as much as you can. When you try the best, you’ll never want to go back to anything else.

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