Trampolining for Health: Key Exercise Benefits

One of the best reasons to own a trampoline is for the exerciser benefits it can provide. Sometimes referred to as a “rebounder,” a trampoline provides a low-impact workout. Your lower body joints, including the numerous metatarsal joints, the ankle, knee, and hip, receive less stress on them during the movement, which makes it possible to improve cardiovascular health without the stress other aerobic activities may cause.

Here are the key exercise benefits to expect if you begin working out on a trampoline in the near future.

1. Abdominal Help

Tired of endless crunches and sit-ups? Then try getting onto a trampoline. Rebounding helps to define and tone the entire abdominal core. Every time you jump into the air, your body is required to move and flex so that you come down properly on the trampoline. These muscles are then used every time a jump is necessary, which means you can add definition to the stubborn abs area quickly and with less effort than a standard sit-up.

2. Upper Legs

At the same time your core is being toned, a trampoline causes you to work on your thighs, buttocks, and legs with every jump. Consistent movements in rebounding will condition the leg muscles rapidly. You can add more movements to each jump, such as kicking, to extend the effectiveness of the workout. If you need more resistance to feel a burn, it’s easy enough to add ankle weights to your trampoline workout.

3. Arms

Trampolining requires a lot of arm movement. Your arms are what will provide you with the main balance component with every jump. As you spin your arms, you can achieve greater heights with each jump, which enhances the toning that the other parts of the body receive with this low-impact exercise.

4. Immune System

Outside of swimming, there isn’t a better low-impact experience available. By exercising on a rebounder consistently, you can begin to strengthen your lymphatic system. When it strengthens, your immune system begins to strengthen. Over time, trampolining can trigger the release of toxins, eliminate contaminants, and encourage detoxification without difficult eating changes or other alterations to your routine.

5. Speed

If you’re used to jogging 30 minutes every day to give your heart the workout it wants, then consider purchasing one of the best exercise rebounders for trampoline exercise. You could potentially shave 20 minutes off your workout time. If you jog for an hour, you could save 40 minutes without sacrificing the quality of your workout. That is how effective trampolining for exercise happens to be. Or, if you prefer, you can enhance the toning and definition you have by maintaining your current workout schedule as you transition to rebounding.

Trampolining for health is an easy and affordable way to enhance or improve your current workout routine. With trampolines available for almost every budget, the time is now to make a new resolution. Take care of yourself, get into shape, and have some fun. It’s all possible when you own a great trampoline.

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