Ways to Repurpose an Old Trampoline

Maybe the kids outgrew the mini trampoline they’ve been using for a couple years. Or perhaps your family has grown and that small 7-foot trampoline in the backyard just isn’t big enough anymore. Instead of taking that old trampoline down to the local landfill, try repurposing it into something that is unique, useful, and beautiful.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Use It to Build a Greenhouse

The frame of a trampoline, especially larger ones, is perfect for a small outdoor greenhouse. You could also halve or quarter the frame of the trampoline and lean it up against your home, a shed, or a barn to build a walk-in greenhouse. Once your frame is in place, use 6mm poly plastic sheeting to cover the structure. Create a door in the middle of the frame (a simple flap in the plastic will do) and you’ll be able to grow great things.

2. Poultry Coop

If you live in the country or are zoned for chickens in the city, then a large trampoline frame is a great option for a portable chicken coop. Take the jumping surface off the trampoline and then surround the frame with chicken wire. For larger birds, like turkeys or geese, you may need to use heavier square-type fencing before covering with chicken wire. Add a cover by attaching metal sheeting or a canvas canopy. Keep the food and water dishes near an edge of the frame so you can just lift it to care for your birds.

3. Build a Hammock

The jumping surface of a trampoline is large enough to hang between two trees, giving you a nice little hammock for your backyard. With a little construction work, you could even repurpose the frame of the trampoline into a hammock stand if you don’t have trees that can be used. To hang your new hammock, attach ratchet straps to the jumping surface where the springs would be and that way you can have a surface with the perfect tension.

4. Dog Bed

For smaller trampolines, you can repurpose them into a soft dog bed. Most mini trampolines have a lower surface, which makes it possible for dogs to easily crawl up onto the softer surface. Cover the trampoline with a favorite blanket and consider attaching it to the frame so it won’t slide off when the dog gets off.

5. Pitching Practice

If you’ve got kids playing baseball, then a trampoline can be an effective tool to use for practicing pitching or fielding. Measure out a strike zone on the trampoline surface, then attach the trampoline vertically, with legs still attached, to a rigid structure. Make sure there is space between the trampoline surface and the rigid structure so the ball can rebound. You’ll also want to make sure a baseball won’t rebound into a window or some other breakable object or item on your property.

Keep junk out of our landfills and still have fun when you implement one of these ideas. With a little creativity, your old trampoline can still be a useful tool when it’s time to upgrade to a new one.

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